Osteopathic manipulation should be a first choice for anyone considering medications or surgery           - both have their place, however favorable results may be gained through this less invasive approach, avoiding the need for more intervention.

"Manual medicine must be practiced within the context of total patient care."

-Phillip Greenman, D.O., F.A.A.O

     Dr. Leins earned his D.O. in 2008 from Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine.  While there he sought out additional training opportunities from the faculty as well as respected physicians in practice.  As a result, he was recognized with awards for his promising clinical skills and dedication...


Our mission is to come along side our patients by optimizing their health through considering the whole person consistent with the osteopathic philosophy of health care...


 The discipline of osteopathic medicine integrates a knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology as they relate to the whole body in health and disease.  The practice of osteopathic medicine involves...


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